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Who We Are 

Richard James Visionary & CEO


Visionary & CEO

GOxT Clothing Co. is the brainchild of Richard P. James, who has a vision –
he wanted to create luxe yet comfortable, modern urban wear. Something that was unique, high quality and stylish with an edge.

Richard has always been interested in black-owned clothing lines, some on a global level and others on a local level here in Atlanta, GA. "People of color will invest in famous labels and designers but those same labels and designers don’t invest in us or our communities. I wanted to change that and make something for everyone but still be recognized and supported by the black community while giving back to the black community. I designed GOxT with that purpose."

Our tagline is "Xemplify Greatness".  Something that we want you to embrace and empower yourself everyday.  We ask the question: What does greatness mean to you?

Nazreena Khan Creative Designer


Creative Designer

Introducing Naz, the creative powerhouse collaborating closely with Owner and visionary, Richard James, to breathe life into his concepts for GOxT Clothing Co. 

With a strategic mindset and an innate passion for innovation, Naz is instrumental in translating Richard's sketches into tangible streetwear.

These two are constantly combining their distinct perspectives to push the boundaries of design and creativity. Naz's expertise spans branding, environmental and web design, photography, as well as copywriting – complementing Richard's visionary leadership perfectly.

Naz's role as both designer and marketing consultant allows her to bridge the gap between creativity and strategy seamlessly for GOxT Clothing Co. 

With Richard's bold vision and Naz's creative prowess, GOxT Clothing Co. is poised to revolutionize the fashion industry.

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